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Regenerating America’s energy infrastructure and economy.

ReGenAmerica has prior direct experience with diverse projects and markets ...

  • Bayonne Energy Center (512 MW mid-merit facility) NY ISO Zone J (Bayonne, NJ/NYC)

  • TBG Cogen (53 MW Cogen plant serving Northrup Grumman) NY ISO Zone K (Hicksville, Long Island, NY)

  • Bethpage Peaker (50 MW LM 6000 peaker) NY ISO Zone K (Hicksville, Long Island, NY)

  • Bethpage Energy Center 3 (80 MW CCGT) NY ISO Zone K (Hicksville, Long Island, NY)

  • Kennedy International Airport Cogen (100 MW Cogen) Zone J (JFK Airport, NY)

  • SUNY Stony Brook Cogen (47 MW) NY ISO Zone K (Stony Brook, NY)

  • Tiverton Power Project (275 MW CCGT) ISO NE (Tiverton, RI)


ReGenAmerica’s founder has directly overseen the commercial operation of 20 operating power generation facilities and successfully developed projects totaling more than 1,300 MW, which involved over $1.2 billion of capital invested.


  • Dighton Power Project (65 MW) ISO NE (Dighton, MA)

  • Rumford Power Project (275 MW CCGT) ISO NE (Rumford, ME)

  • Westbrook Energy Center (552 MW) ISO NE (Westbrook, ME)

  • Newark Power Project (53 MW Cogen) PJM East (Newark, NJ)

  • Parlin Power Project (110 MW Cogen) PJM East (Sayreville, NJ)

  • Auburndale Power Partners Cogen (117 MW) FRCC (Auburndale, FL)

  • Osprey Energy Center (600 MW CCGT) FRCC (Auburndale, FL)

  • Morgan Energy Center (807 MW CCGT) SERC (Decatur, AL)

  • Columbia Energy Center (600 MW Cogen) SERC (Columbia, SC)

... as well as these technologies:

  • Aeroderivative gas turbines

  • Frame 5, 6, and 7F class combustion turbines

  • Heat recovery steam generators

  • Once-through steam generators

  • 69kV, 138 kV, and 345 kV transmission systems and interconnection

  • EHV switchgear, transformers, and substations

  • Gas compressors

  • Fogging, inlet air chillers, and other capacity performance optimization systems

  • Transmission and interconnection studies

  • Three-party electrical interconnection agreements

  • Firm delivery lateral service agreements

  • Pipeline pigging

  • Submarine transmission systems and product configurations

  • Stakeholder outreach and public information forums

  • Financial and market analysis

  • Non-recourse project financing

  • Photovoltaic solar technologies and project economics

  • Battery energy storage systems, including power conversion equipment and battery management systems

  • Structuring and negotiating power purchase agreements






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