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Prior projects include those listed below. Our founder would be happy to share more information with you about these and other ventures.
Bayonne Energy Center, Bayonne, NJ
Online since 2012


The founders of ReGenAmerica, then under the name of Pure Energy Resources, began this project with funding from ArcLight, LLC, and brought it online in 2012. The plant's worth is now estimated at $800 million. Bayonne, which was a joint venture between ArcLight Capital Partners, Hess Corporation, and Pure Energy Resources, LLC, is a $400 million plus, 10,800-square-foot,
512-megawatt facility that serves New York City’s power needs without taxing the energy grid in New Jersey. 
It connects to a 6.5-mile, 345-kilovolt AC submarine transmission line under the Upper New York Bay, interconnecting with a Consolidated Edison substation in South Brooklyn, NY, which represented the longest 345kV submarine XLPE cable in the world.

Osprey Energy Center, Auburndale, FL
Online since 2004


The Osprey Energy Center is a 600 MW natural gas-fired, combined-cycle generating facility located in Auburndale, FL. The site's major equipment includes two combustion turbines that are routed to two heat recovery steam generators, which provide steam to one steam turbine. The construction of the plant was coordinated and managed by Calpine using an EPC contractor. The founders of ReGenAmerica were instrumental in making this project happen while they were employed by Calpine.


The Osprey Energy Center was the first and only advanced, combined-cycle power plant to be built and wholly owned by an independent power producer (IPP) in peninsular Florida. The project achieved this distinction because Calpine was the first IPP to obtain approval under the state's strict Power Plant Siting Act. The facility receives a substantial portion of its water needs from the City of Auburndale water treatment plant. This "reclaimed water" reduces the plant's ground water needs and subsequent impact on the local aquifers (source:

Bethpage Energy Center 3, Hicksville, NY

Online since 2005


ReGenAmerica's senior management worked with the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA)  and the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to ensure that an ~80 MW clean, natural gas-powered combined cycle generation facility was developed and constructed in time to meet Long Island's increasing peak electricity demand. The successful completion of this facility represented the cleanest, most efficient power resource on Long Island. Additionally, this facility utilized reclaimed water for evaporative cooling, which saved a significant volume of the community's natural water supply. LIPA purchased the power generated by the facility under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement. This facility's construction was successfully completed in less than 12 months.






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