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ReGenAmerica, LLC, founded in 2011, focuses on regenerating America’s energy infrastructure while simultaneously stimulating the economies of local communities.

The company’s expertise lies in the area of utility-scale power generation, as well as photovoltaic solar and
energy storage technologies. Operating as an independent power producer, ReGenAmerica's senior management team brings a time-tested and proven track record to the acquisition, development, and optimization of electric power-generating facilities.


With over 80 years’ combined experience in the electric and gas
energy industries, ReGenAmerica’s senior management team has built a strong network of engineering, permitting, legal, public relations, transmission, and market consulting
firms to augment its capabilities.

From Paul Barnett, Founder and CEO:

America is a great country, but its economic recovery has been scattered and its energy infrastructure is becoming aged. ReGenAmerica can regenerate not only America's energy infrastructure but also community economies through infrastructure improvements, rewarding jobs, and economic growth. If you would like to learn more, please contact me personally.






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