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Bayonne Energy Center

The Jersey Journal


"According to Bayonne Energy Center promotional material, 512 megawatts is enough to power 500,000 homes. The facility's eight Rolls Royce gas-fired turbines take less than 10 minutes to power up and shut down, meaning the facility will be able to cycle on and off as needed, reducing fuel costs and emissions.” 


Osprey Energy Center

PR Newswire


“Calpine Corporation's (NYSE: CPN) 540-megawatt Osprey Energy Center has entered commercial operation in time to help meet Florida's peak summer power demand ..."


Bethpage 3

PR Newswire


"New York energy officials have identified an urgent and continuing need for new generating resources to serve the state's growing demand for electricity, and Bethpage 3 is a timely addition to Long Island's electric power market," said Calpine Vice President Paul Barnett. "We appreciate LIPA's continued confidence in our ability to develop successful projects that enhance the reliability of the region's power grid and provide Long Island consumers with clean and competitively priced electric power supplies."






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